Determines whether any channels of speech are currently synthesizing speech.


func SpeechBusy() -> Int16

Return Value

The number of speech channels that are currently synthesizing speech in the application. This is useful when you want to ensure that an earlier speech request has been completed before having the system speak again. Paused speech channels are counted among those that are synthesizing speech.

The speech channel that the Speech Synthesis Manager allocates internally in response to calls to the SpeakString function is counted in the number returned by SpeechBusy. Thus, if you use just SpeakString to initiate speech, SpeechBusy always returns 1 as long as speech is being produced. When SpeechBusy returns 0, all speech has finished.

See Also

Obtaining Information About Speech and Speech Channels

func CopySpeechProperty(SpeechChannel, CFString, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFTypeRef?>) -> OSErr

Gets the value associated with the specified property of a speech channel.

func SpeechBusySystemWide() -> Int16

Determines if any speech is currently being synthesized in your application or elsewhere on the computer.

func SpeechManagerVersion() -> NumVersion

Determines the current version of the Speech Synthesis Manager installed in the system.