Gets information about a designated speech channel.


OSErr GetSpeechInfo(SpeechChannel chan, OSType selector, void *speechInfo);



The speech channel about which information is being requested.


A speech information selector that indicates the type of information being requested.

For a complete list of speech information selectors, see Speech-Channel Information Constants. This list indicates how your application should set the speechInfo parameter for each selector.


A pointer whose meaning depends on the speech information selector specified in the selector parameter.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The GetSpeechInfo function returns, in the data structure pointed to by the speechInfo parameter, the type of information requested by the selector parameter as it applies to the speech channel specified in the chan parameter.

The format of the data structure specified by the speechInfo parameter depends on the selector you choose. For example, a selector might require that your application allocate a block of memory of a certain size and pass a pointer to that block. Another selector might require that speechInfo be set to the address of a handle variable. In this case, the GetSpeechInfo function would allocate a relocatable block of memory and change the handle variable specified to reference the block.

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