Enumeration Case



soInputMode = 'inpt'


Get or set the speech channel’s current text-processing mode. The returned value specifies whether the channel is currently in text input mode or phoneme input mode. The speechInfo parameter is a pointer to a variable of type OSType, which specifies a text-processing mode. The constants modeText and modePhonemes specify the available text-processing modes.

The modeText constant indicates that the speech channel is in text-processing mode. The modePhonemes constant indicates that the speech channel is in phoneme-processing mode. When in phoneme-processing mode, a text buffer is interpreted to be a series of characters representing various phonemes and prosodic controls. Some synthesizers might support additional input-processing modes and define constants for these modes.

When in text-processing mode, you can also specify how characters and numbers should be processed, using soCharacterMode and soNumberMode.

This selector works with both the GetSpeechInfo and SetSpeechInfo functions.