Installs the designated dictionary into a speech channel.


OSErr UseDictionary(SpeechChannel chan, Handle dictionary);



The speech channel into which a dictionary is to be installed.


A handle to the dictionary data. This is often a handle to a resource of type 'dict'.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The UseDictionary function attempts to install the dictionary data referenced by the dictionary parameter into the speech channel referenced by the chan parameter. The synthesizer will use whatever elements of the dictionary resource it considers useful to the speech conversion process. Some speech synthesizers might ignore certain types of dictionary entries.

After the UseDictionary function returns, your application is free to release any storage allocated for the dictionary handle. The search order for application-provided dictionaries is last-in, first-searched.

All details of how an application-provided dictionary is represented within the speech synthesizer are dependent on the specific synthesizer implementation and are private to the synthesizer.

Pronunciation dictionaries allow your application to override the default Speech Synthesis Manager pronunciations of individual words, such as names with unusual spellings.

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