Define the values an accessibility object’s role attribute can have.


The value of the role attribute describes what the object is, not what it does. See the “Roles and Associated Attributes” appendix in Accessibility Programming Guide for OS X for more information on which attributes are associated with each role.



var kAXSystemWideRole: String

The system-wide accessibility object.

var kAXUnknownRole: String

Generic role value for an unknown accessibility object.

var kAXOutlineRole: String

An accessibility object that displays row-based, hierarchically structured data, such as the list view in a Finder window.

var kAXBrowserRole: String

An accessibility object that displays column-based, hierarchically structured data, such as the column view in a Finder window.

var kAXScrollAreaRole: String

An accessibility object that displays data managed by scrolling controls.

var kAXScrollBarRole: String

A scroll bar control.

var kAXRadioGroupRole: String

A set of radio buttons.

var kAXGroupRole: String

A group box. This role can also be used to group other views without any visual indication of the grouping.

var kAXValueIndicatorRole: String

A control that indicates the value of an accessibility object, such as the scroller of a scroll bar control

var kAXComboBoxRole: String

A combo box control.

var kAXSliderRole: String

A slider control.

var kAXIncrementorRole: String

A stepper control (also known as the “little arrows”).

var kAXBusyIndicatorRole: String

An asynchronous progress indicator.

var kAXProgressIndicatorRole: String

A determinate or indeterminate progress indicator.

var kAXDisclosureTriangleRole: String

A disclosure triangle control.

var kAXTextAreaRole: String

The editable text area in a control or window.

var kAXStaticTextRole: String

A string of static text displayed in a window that is not part of any control.

var kAXSplitterRole: String

A splitter bar control.

var kAXTimeFieldRole: String

A field that displays time.

var kAXDateFieldRole: String

A field that displays dates.

var kAXDockItemRole: String

An icon that represents an item in the Dock.

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