Defines a voice specification structure.


typedef struct VoiceSpec {
} VoiceSpec;


A voice specification structure provides a unique specification that you must use to obtain information about a voice. You also must use a voice specification structure if you wish to create a speech channel that generates speech in a voice other than the current system default voice.

To ensure compatibility with future versions of the Speech Synthesis Manager, you should never fill in the fields of a voice specification structure yourself. Instead, you should create a voice specification structure by using the MakeVoiceSpec function.


Instance Properties


The synthesizer that is required to use the voice. This is equivalent to the value contained in the synthManufacturer field of a speech version information structure and that contained in the synthCreator field of a speech extension data structure. The set of OSType values specified entirely by space characters and lowercase letters is reserved.


The voice ID of the voice for the synthesizer. Every voice on a synthesizer has a unique ID.