Bundle ID Capabilities

Manage the app capabilities for a bundle ID.


The bundleIdCapabilities resource represents capabilities that you can enable or disable for a bundle ID. To learn about capabilities, see Advanced App Capabilities.


Enabling and Disabling Capabilities

Enable a Capability

Enable a capability for a bundle ID.

Disable a Capability

Disable a capability for a bundle ID.

Updating Capabiities

Modify a Capability Configuration

Update the configuration of a specific capability.

Object and Data Types

object BundleIdCapability

The data structure that represents the resource.

object BundleIdCapabilityCreateRequest

A request containing a single resource.

object BundleIdCapabilityUpdateRequest

A request containing a single resource.

object BundleIdCapabilityResponse

A response containing a single resource.

object BundleIdCapabilitiesResponse

A response containing a list of resources.

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