Create, download, and revoke signing certificates for app development and distribution.


The certificates resource represents the digital certificates you use to sign your iOS or Mac apps for development and distribution. You can create new certificates, revoke existing certificates, and download certificates.


Creating Certificates

Create a Certificate

Create a new certificate using a certificate signing request.

Getting Certificate Infomation and Data

List and Download Certificates

Find and list certificates and download their data.

Read and Download Certificate Information

Get information about a certificate and download the certificate data.

Revoking Certificates

Revoke a Certificate

Revoke a lost, stolen, compromised, or expiring signing certificate.

Object and Data Types

object Certificate

The data structure that represents the resource.

object CertificateCreateRequest

A request containing a single resource.

object CertificateResponse

A response containing a single resource.

object CertificatesResponse

A response containing a list of resources.

type CertificateType

Literal values representing types of signing certificates.

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