Web Service

App Store Connect API

Automate tasks on the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect.


The App Store Connect API is a REST API used to build custom workflows as part of your app development life cycle and automate actions you take in App Store Connect. Use of the API requires authorization via JSON Web Tokens (JWT); you obtain keys to create the tokens from your organization’s App Store Connect account. See Creating API Keys for App Store Connect API to create your keys and tokens.

The API provides resources for automating the following areas of App Store Connect:

  • TestFlight. Manage beta builds of your app, testers, and groups.

  • Users and Access. Send invitations for users to join your team. Adjust their level of access or remove users.

  • Provisioning. Manage bundle IDs, capabilities, signing certificates, devices, and provisioning profiles.

  • Reporting. Download sales and financial reports.

The App Store Connect API returns responses from resources that are consistent JSON data and contain links to additional related resources. You can use these relationships to navigate to other related resources—for example, in order to find beta testers within specific beta groups in TestFlight. You can also apply filtering to your requests on specific resources.


First Steps

Creating API Keys for App Store Connect API

Create API keys used to sign JWTs and authorize API requests.

Generating Tokens for API Requests

Create JSON Web Tokens signed with your private key to authorize API requests.

Revoking API Keys

Revoke unused, lost, or compromised private keys.



Manage your beta testing program, including beta testers and groups, apps, and builds.

Users and Roles


Manage users on your App Store Connect team.

User Invitations

Email invitations for joining your App Store Connect team.


Bundle IDs

Manage the bundle IDs that uniquely identify your apps.

Bundle ID Capabilities

Manage the app capabilities for a bundle ID.


Create, download, and revoke signing certificates for app development and distribution.


Register devices for development and testing.


Create, delete, and download provisioning profiles that enable app installations for development and distribution.


Sales and Finance Reports

Download your sales and financial reports.


Large Data Sets

Retrieve large data sets with paging information.

Error Handling

Interpreting and Handling Errors

Learn how the App Store Connect API returns errors and handle them in your code.

object ErrorResponse

Detailed error information returned in the response body whenever an API request is not successful.