The time and date that Apple customer support canceled a transaction or the time and date the user upgraded an auto-renewable subscription.


string cancellation_date_ms


This field is returned in the JSON response, in the responseBody.Latest_receipt_info and responseBody.Receipt.In_app arrays.

This field represents the time and date Apple customer support canceled a transaction, or the time and date an auto-renewable subscription plan was upgraded, in UNIX epoch time format, in milliseconds. This field is only present for purchases that Apple refunded to the user. Use this time format for processing dates.

A canceled in-app purchase remains in the receipt indefinitely. This value is present only if the refund was for a non-consumable product, an auto-renewable subscription, or a non-renewing subscription.

This field is available only in production, and does not appear in sandbox receipts.

You can use this value to:

  • Determine whether to stop providing the content associated with the purchase.

  • Check for any latest renewal transactions, which may indicate the user re-started or upgraded their subscription, for an auto-renewable subscription purchase.

See Also

Dates and Intent

type expiration_intent

The reason a subscription expired.

type expires_date_ms

The time in milliseconds a subscription expires or renews.