Web Service

App Store Server Notifications

Monitor subscription events in real time with server notifications from the App Store.


Server-to-server notifications (previously known as statusUpdateNotifications) are a service for auto-renewable subscriptions. The App Store sends notifications to your server of real-time changes in a subscription's status. You can use these new notifications and fields to make sure you have the latest information about your app's subscribers on your server and to help you effectively monitor subscription events.

When you enable your Subscription Status URL on App Store Connect, you automatically receive server notifications on your secure server. The App Store sends notifications as JSON objects for a number of subscription events. These JSON events, documented in responseBody, contain fields and information you can use to react to user subscription states according to your business logic. For more information on configuring and using server notifications, see Enabling Server-to-Server Notifications.



Your Server

Specify your secure server's URL in App Store Connect.

Server Notification

object responseBody

The JSON data sent in the server notification from the App Store.

type notification_type

The type that describes the subscription event for which the App Store sent the notification.

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