Information about the camera position and imaging characteristics for a captured video frame in an AR session.


Handling Tracking Status

var trackingState: ARCamera.TrackingState

The general quality of position tracking available when the camera captured a frame.

enum ARCamera.TrackingState

Values for position tracking quality, with possible causes when tracking quality is limited.

Examining Camera Geometry

var transform: simd_float4x4

The position and orientation of the camera in world coordinate space.

var eulerAngles: simd_float3

The orientation of the camera, expressed as roll, pitch, and yaw values.

Examining Imaging Parameters

var imageResolution: CGSize

The width and height, in pixels, of the captured camera image.

var intrinsics: simd_float3x3

A matrix that converts between the 2D camera plane and 3D world coordinate space.

Applying Camera Geometry

var projectionMatrix: simd_float4x4

A transform matrix appropriate for rendering 3D content to match the image captured by the camera.

func projectionMatrix(for: UIInterfaceOrientation, viewportSize: CGSize, zNear: CGFloat, zFar: CGFloat) -> simd_float4x4

Returns a transform matrix appropriate for rendering 3D content to match the image captured by the camera, using the specified parameters.

func viewMatrix(for: UIInterfaceOrientation) -> simd_float4x4

Returns a transform matrix for converting from world space to camera space.

func projectPoint(simd_float3, orientation: UIInterfaceOrientation, viewportSize: CGSize) -> CGPoint

Returns the projection of a point from the 3D world space detected by ARKit into the 2D space of a view rendering the scene.


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Camera and Scene Details

class ARFrame

A video image, with position-tracking information, captured as part of an AR session.

class ARLightEstimate

Estimated scene lighting information associated with a captured video frame in an AR session.

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