A video image, with position-tracking information, captured as part of an AR session.


A running AR session continuously captures video frames from the device camera. For each frame, ARKit analyzes the image together with data from the device's motion sensing hardware to estimate the device's real-world position. ARKit delivers this tracking information and imaging parameters in the form of an ARFrame object.


Accessing Captured Video Frames

var capturedImage: CVPixelBuffer

A pixel buffer containing the image captured by the camera.

var timestamp: TimeInterval

The time at which the frame was captured.

var capturedDepthData: AVDepthData?

The depth map, if any, captured along with the video frame.

var capturedDepthDataTimestamp: TimeInterval

The time at which depth data for the frame (if any) was captured.

Examining Scene Parameters

var camera: ARCamera

Information about the camera position, orientation, and imaging parameters used to capture the frame.

var lightEstimate: ARLightEstimate?

An estimate of lighting conditions based on the camera image.

func displayTransform(for: UIInterfaceOrientation, viewportSize: CGSize)

Returns an affine transform for converting between normalized image coordinates and a coordinate space appropriate for rendering the camera image onscreen.

Tracking and Finding Objects

var anchors: [ARAnchor]

The list of anchors representing positions tracked or objects detected in the scene.

func hitTest(CGPoint, types: ARHitTestResult.ResultType)

Searches for real-world objects or AR anchors in the captured camera image.

Debugging Scene Detection

var rawFeaturePoints: ARPointCloud?

The current intermediate results of the scene analysis ARKit uses to perform world tracking.

class ARPointCloud

A collection of points in the world coordinate space of the AR session.


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Camera and Scene Details

class ARCamera

Information about the camera position and imaging characteristics for a captured video frame in an AR session.

class ARLightEstimate

Estimated scene lighting information associated with a captured video frame in an AR session.

class ARDirectionalLightEstimate

Estimated environmental lighting information associated with a captured video frame in a face-tracking AR session.