The screen-space representation of a person ARKit recognizes in the camera feed.


class ARBody2D : NSObject


When ARKit recognizes a person in the camera feed, it estimates the screen-space location of the body's joints and provides the location to you through current frame's detectedBody.


Getting Joint Information

var skeleton: ARSkeleton2D

An object that contains the screen position of a body's joints.

class ARSkeleton2D

An object that describes where a body's joints are located in the camera feed.

class ARSkeleton

The interface for the skeleton of a tracked body.


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Capturing Body Motion in 3D

Track a person in the physical environment and visualize their motion by applying the same body movements to a virtual character.

class ARBodyTrackingConfiguration

A configuration you use to track a person's motion in 3D space.

class ARBodyAnchor

An object that tracks the movement in 3D space of a body that ARKit recognizes in the camera feed.