Type Property


The set of video capture formats available on the current device.


class var supportedVideoFormats: [ARConfiguration.VideoFormat] { get }


By default, the videoFormat property for a new session configuration matches the first video capture format in this array. To change the video format for a session, change that property's value to one of the other ARConfiguration.VideoFormat objects in this array.

Different devices and iOS versions offer different sets of supported video formats, but the order of this array always puts higher-quality formats before lower-quality formats. For best results across all devices and versions, choose formats based on their order in the array rather than on hard-coded minimum resolution or frame rate values.

See Also

Managing Video Capture Options

var videoFormat: ARConfiguration.VideoFormat

The video capture size and frame rate to be used for sessions running this configuration.

class ARConfiguration.VideoFormat

A video size and frame rate specification for use with an AR session.