A video size and frame rate specification for use with an AR session.


class VideoFormat : NSObject


This class is immutable; to set the frame rate and video resolution for an AR session, set your configuration's videoFormat property to one of the formats in the supportedVideoFormats array.


Video Format Settings

var framesPerSecond: Int

The rate at which the session captures video and provides AR frame information.

var imageResolution: CGSize

The size, in pixels, of video images captured in the session.

Determining the Video Source

var captureDevicePosition: AVCaptureDevice.Position

The position of the capture device.

enum AVCaptureDevice.Position

Constants to specify the position of a capture device.


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Managing Video Capture Options

var videoFormat: ARConfiguration.VideoFormat

The video capture size and frame rate to be used for sessions running this configuration.

class var supportedVideoFormats: [ARConfiguration.VideoFormat]

The set of video capture formats available on the current device.