Instance Property


A pixel buffer containing the image captured by the camera.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) CVPixelBufferRef capturedImage;


ARKit captures pixel buffers in a full-range planar YCbCr format (also known as YUV) format according to the ITU R. 601-4 standard. (You can verify this by checking the kCVImageBufferYCbCrMatrixKey pixel buffer attachment.)

Unlike some uses of that standard, ARKit captures full-range color space values, not video-range values. To correctly render these images on a device display, you'll need to access the luma and chroma planes of the pixel buffer and convert full-range YCbCr values to an sRGB (or ITU R. 709) format according to the ITU-T T.871 specification.

The following matrix (shown in Metal shader syntax) performs this conversion when multiplied by a 4-element vector (containing Y', Cb, Cr values and an "alpha" value of 1.0):

const float4x4 ycbcrToRGBTransform = float4x4(
    float4(+1.0000f, +1.0000f, +1.0000f, +0.0000f),
    float4(+0.0000f, -0.3441f, +1.7720f, +0.0000f),
    float4(+1.4020f, -0.7141f, +0.0000f, +0.0000f),
    float4(-0.7010f, +0.5291f, -0.8860f, +1.0000f)

For more details, see Displaying an AR Experience with Metal, or use the Metal variant of the AR app template when creating a new project in Xcode.

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