Instance Property


An estimate of lighting conditions based on the camera image.


var lightEstimate: ARLightEstimate? { get }


If you render your own overlay graphics for the AR scene, you can use this information in shading algorithms to help make those graphics match the real-world lighting conditions of the scene captured by the camera. (The ARSCNView class automatically uses this information to configure SceneKit lighting.)

This property's value is nil if the isLightEstimationEnabled property of the session configuration that captured this frame is false.

See Also

Examining Scene Parameters

var camera: ARCamera

Information about the camera position, orientation, and imaging parameters used to capture the frame.

func displayTransform(for: UIInterfaceOrientation, viewportSize: CGSize) -> CGAffineTransform

Returns an affine transform for converting between normalized image coordinates and a coordinate space appropriate for rendering the camera image onscreen.