Instance Property


The current intermediate results of the scene analysis ARKit uses to perform world tracking.


var rawFeaturePoints: ARPointCloud? { get }


These points represent notable features detected in the camera image. Their positions in 3D world coordinate space are extrapolated as part of the image analysis that ARKit performs in order to accurately track the device's position, orientation, and movement. Taken together, these points loosely correlate to the contours of real-world objects in view of the camera.

ARKit does not guarantee that the number and arrangement of raw feature points will remain stable between software releases, or even between subsequent frames in the same session. Regardless, the point cloud can sometimes prove useful when debugging your app's placement of virtual objects into the real-world scene.

If you display AR content with SceneKit using the ARSCNView class, you can display this point cloud with the showFeaturePoints debug option.

Feature point detection requires a ARWorldTrackingConfiguration session.

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class ARPointCloud

A collection of points in the world coordinate space of the AR session.