Instance Property


The time at which depth data for the frame (if any) was captured.


var capturedDepthDataTimestamp: TimeInterval { get }


Face-based AR (see ARFaceTrackingConfiguration) uses the front-facing, depth-sensing camera on compatible devices. When running such a configuration, frames vended by the session contain a depth map captured by the depth camera in addition to the color pixel buffer (see capturedImage) captured by the color camera. This property’s value is always zero when running other AR configurations.

The depth-sensing camera provides data at a different frame rate than the color camera, so this property’s value may not exactly match the timestamp property for the image captured by the color camera, and can also be zero if no depth data was captured at the same time as the current color image.

See Also

Accessing Captured Video Frames

var capturedImage: CVPixelBuffer

A pixel buffer containing the image captured by the camera.

var timestamp: TimeInterval

The time at which the frame was captured.

var capturedDepthData: AVDepthData?

The depth map, if any, captured along with the video frame.