Instance Property


The feasibility of generating or relocalizing a world map for this frame.


var worldMappingStatus: ARFrame.WorldMappingStatus { get }


Every world-tracking session builds an internal world map, which ARKit uses to determine the device's position in the user's environment. You can save a snapshot of that internal state as an ARWorldMap object, which you can use later to resume the saved session or share between devices to create a multiuser AR experience.

While you can call getCurrentWorldMap(completionHandler:) at any time during a session, some times are better than others. Use this property to determine whether the session currently has enough data to generate a useful ARWorldMap or if it's better to wait for the session to map more of the user's local environment first.

See Also

Checking World Mapping Status

enum ARFrame.WorldMappingStatus

Possible values describing how thoroughly ARKit has mapped the the area visible in a given frame.