Mesh data in a buffer-based array.


class ARGeometrySource : NSObject


Mesh-anchor geometry (ARMeshGeometry) uses geometry sources to hold 3D data like vertices, and normals, in an efficent, array-like format. A Metal buffer wraps the data, and other properties specify how to interpret that data.

In the case that componentsPerVector is greater than 1, the element type of the geometry-source array is itself a sequence (pairs, triplets, and so on).


Accessing Geometry

var buffer: MTLBuffer

A Metal buffer that contains a list of vectors.

Getting Geometry Information

var componentsPerVector: Int

The number of scalar components in each vector.

var count: Int

The number of vectors in the buffer.

var format: MTLVertexFormat

The type of vector data in the buffer.

var offset: Int

The offset, in bytes, from the beginning of the buffer.

var stride: Int

The length, in bytes, of the start of one vector in the buffer to the start of the next vector.


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See Also

Accessing Geometry Data

var vertices: ARGeometrySource

The vertices of the mesh.