Information about the position and orientation of an image detected in a world-tracking AR session.


class ARImageAnchor : ARAnchor


When you run a world-tracking AR session and specify ARReferenceImage objects for the session configuration's detectionImages property, ARKit searches for those images in the real-world environment. When the session recognizes an image, it automatically adds an ARImageAnchor for each detected image to its list of anchors.

To find the extent of a recognized image in the scene, use the inherited transform property together with the physicalSize of the anchor's referenceImage.


Identifying Detected Images

var referenceImage: ARReferenceImage

The detected image referenced by the image anchor.

Estimating Scale

var estimatedScaleFactor: CGFloat

A factor between the initial size and the estimated physical size.


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See Also

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class ARReferenceImage

The description of an image you want ARKit to detect in the physical environment.

class ARImageTrackingConfiguration

A configuration you use when you just want to track known images using the device's back camera feed.