Estimated scene lighting information associated with a captured video frame in an AR session.


class ARLightEstimate : NSObject


If you enable the isLightEstimationEnabled setting, ARKit provides light estimates in the lightEstimate property of each ARFrame it delivers.

If you render your own overlay graphics for the AR scene, you can use this information in shading algorithms to help make those graphics match the real-world lighting conditions of the scene captured by the camera. The ARSCNView class automatically uses this information to configure SceneKit lighting.


Examining Light Parameters

var ambientIntensity: CGFloat

The estimated intensity, in lumens, of ambient light throughout the scene.

var ambientColorTemperature: CGFloat

The estimated color temperature, in degrees Kelvin, of ambient light throughout the scene.


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Camera and Scene Details

class ARFrame

A video image, with position-tracking information, captured as part of an AR session.

class ARCamera

Information about the camera position and imaging characteristics for a captured video frame in an AR session.