Information about the position and orientation of a real-world 3D object detected in a world-tracking AR session.


class ARObjectAnchor : ARAnchor


When you run a world-tracking AR session and specify ARReferenceObject objects for the session configuration's detectionObjects property, ARKit searches for those objects in the real-world environment. When the session recognizes an object, it automatically adds to its list of anchors an ARObjectAnchor for each detected object.

To place virtual 3D content that matches the position or size of the detected object, use the anchor's inherited transform property together with the center and extent of the anchor's referenceObject.


Identifying Detected Objects

var referenceObject: ARReferenceObject

The detected object referenced by the object anchor.


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Object Detection

Scanning and Detecting 3D Objects

Record spatial features of real-world objects, then use the results to find those objects in the user’s environment and trigger AR content.

class ARReferenceObject

The description of a real-world object you want ARKit to look for in the physical environment during an AR session.

class ARObjectScanningConfiguration

A configuration you use to collect high-fidelity spatial data about real objects in the physical environment.