A 2D surface that ARKit detects in the physical environment.


class ARPlaneAnchor : ARAnchor


When you enable planeDetection in a world tracking session, ARKit notifies your app of all the surfaces it observes using the device's back camera. ARKit calls your delegate's session(_:didAdd:) with a ARPlaneAnchor for each unique surface. And each plane anchor provides details about the surface, like its real world position and shape.



var alignment: ARPlaneAnchor.Alignment

The general orientation of the detected plane with respect to gravity.

enum ARPlaneAnchor.Alignment

Values describing possible general orientations of a detected plane with respect to gravity.


var geometry: ARPlaneGeometry

A coarse triangle mesh representing the general shape of the detected plane.

class ARPlaneGeometry

A 3D mesh describing the shape of a detected plane in world-tracking AR sessions.

class ARSCNPlaneGeometry

A SceneKit representation of the 2D shape of a plane, for use with plane detection results in an AR session.


var center: simd_float3

The center point of the plane relative to its anchor position.

var extent: simd_float3

The estimated width and length of the detected plane.

Classifying a Plane

class var isClassificationSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether plane classification is available on the current device.

var classification: ARPlaneAnchor.Classification

A general characterization of what kind of real-world surface the plane anchor represents.

enum ARPlaneAnchor.Classification

Possible characterizations of real-world surfaces represented by plane anchors.


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