A mathematical ray you use to find 3D positions on real-world surfaces.


class ARRaycastQuery : NSObject


You create a raycast query by providing a 3D vector and starting place.

To create a raycast query using a 2D screen location and default vector that casts outward in the z-direction from the user, use the convenience functions, makeRaycastQuery(from:allowing:alignment:) on ARView, or raycastQuery(from:allowing:alignment:) on ARSCNView.

Raycasts can intersect with planes (flat surfaces) or meshes (uneven surfaces). To intersect with planes, see ARRaycastQuery.Target. To intersect with meshes, see ARRaycastQuery.Target.estimatedPlane.


Specifying the Target

var target: ARRaycastQuery.Target

A plane type that allows the raycast to terminate if it's encountered.

enum ARRaycastQuery.Target

The types of surface you allow a raycast to intersect with.

var targetAlignment: ARRaycastQuery.TargetAlignment

The target's alignment with respect to gravity.

enum ARRaycastQuery.TargetAlignment

A specification that indicates a target's alignment with respect to gravity.

Interpreting the Ray

var direction: simd_float3

A vector that describes the ray's trajectory in 3D space.

var origin: simd_float3

A 3D coordinate that defines the ray's starting place.


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class ARTrackedRaycast

A raycast query that ARKit repeats in succession to give you refined results over time.

class ARRaycastResult

Information about a real-world surface found by examining a point on the screen.