Instance Property


The anchor for the plane that the ray intersected.


var anchor: ARAnchor? { get }


If you chose an existing plane target, ARKit provides its anchor. If you choose an estimated plane target, ARKit provides an anchor only if the ray intersects an existing plane.

See Also

Identifying Results

var worldTransform: simd_float4x4

The position, rotation, and scale, of the ray's intersection with the target.

var target: ARRaycastQuery.Target

The type of plane that the ray intersected.

enum ARRaycastQuery.Target

The types of plane you allow a raycast to intersect with.

var targetAlignment: ARRaycastQuery.TargetAlignment

The alignment of the plane that the ray intersected.

enum ARRaycastQuery.TargetAlignment

A specification that indicates a target's alignment with respect to gravity.