Creates a SceneKit face geometry for rendering with the specified Metal device object.


convenience init?(device: MTLDevice)



The Metal device to use for rendering the geometry.

Return Value

A new SceneKit face geometry, or nil if the Metal device is unavailable or ARKit face tracking is not supported on the current device.


A newly created ARSCNFaceGeometry instance represents a neutral, generic face; use the update(from:) method to deform the geometry to match a specific facial expression or face shape.

The geometry contains a single geometry element; as such, assigning more than one material has no visible effect (see the inherited materials property).

Calling this initializer is equivalent to calling the init(device:fillMesh:) initializer and passing false for the fillMesh parameter.

See Also

Creating a Geometry

init?(device: MTLDevice, fillMesh: Bool)

Creates a SceneKit face geometry, optionally filling in gaps in the mesh for the eyes and mouth.