A SceneKit representation of the 2D shape of a plane, for use with plane detection results in an AR session.


class ARSCNPlaneGeometry : SCNGeometry


ARSCNPlaneGeometry is a subclass of SCNGeometry that wraps the mesh data provided by the ARPlaneGeometry class. You can use ARSCNPlaneGeometry to visualize the plane shape estimates provided by ARKit in a SceneKit view.

As your AR session continues to run, ARKit provides refined estimates of a detected plane's 2D shape. Use the update(from:) method to incorporate those refinements into the plane's SceneKit representation.


Creating a Geometry

init?(device: MTLDevice)

Creates a SceneKit plane geometry for rendering with the specified Metal device object.

Updating the Geometry

func update(from: ARPlaneGeometry)

Reshapes the SceneKit geometry to match the specified plane mesh.


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var geometry: ARPlaneGeometry

A coarse triangle mesh representing the general shape of the detected plane.

class ARPlaneGeometry

A 3D mesh describing the shape of a detected plane in world-tracking AR sessions.