Instance Method


Returns the projection of a point from 2D view onto a plane in the 3D world space detected by ARKit.


@nonobjc func unprojectPoint(_ point: CGPoint, ontoPlane planeTransform: simd_float4x4) -> simd_float3?



The point in 2D view space to project onto a plane.

The coordinate space for this point has its origin is in the upper left corner and a size matching the viewportSize parameter.


A transform matrix specifying the position and orientation of a plane (with infinite extent) in 3D world space. The plane is the xz-plane of the local coordinate space this transform defines.

Return Value

The 3D point in world space where a ray projected from the specified 2D point intersects the specified plane. If the ray does not intersect the plane, this method returns nil.

See Also

Mapping Content to Real-World Positions

func anchor(for: SCNNode) -> ARAnchor?

Returns the AR anchor associated with the specified SceneKit node, if any.

func node(for: ARAnchor) -> SCNNode?

Returns the SceneKit node associated with the specified AR anchor, if any.