Instance Method


Creates a raycast query that originates from a point on the view, aligned with the center of the camera's field of view.


func raycastQuery(from point: CGPoint, allowing target: ARRaycastQuery.Target, alignment: ARRaycastQuery.TargetAlignment) -> ARRaycastQuery?


When you call this function, ARKit creates a ray that extends in the positive z-direction from the argument screen space point, to determine if any of the argument targets exist in the physical environment anywhere along the ray. If so, ARKit returns a 3D position where the ray intersects the target.

See Also

Finding Real-World Surfaces

func hitTest(CGPoint, types: ARHitTestResult.ResultType) -> [ARHitTestResult]

Searches for real-world objects or AR anchors in the captured camera image corresponding to a point in the SceneKit view.