Instance Method


Checks once for intersections between a ray and real-world surfaces.


- (NSArray<ARRaycastResult *> *)raycast:(ARRaycastQuery *)query;



The ray you create from a screen point you're interested in.

Return Value

An array of ray-cast results, sorted from nearest to furthest from the camera. The array is empty if the ray cast fails to find an intersection between the query's ray and a real-world surface.


Ray casting provides a 3D location in physical space that corresponds to a given 2D location on the screen. When you call this function, it succeeds in returning a result when a mathematical ray that ARKit casts outward from the user intersects with any real-world surfaces that ARKit detects in the physical environment.

See Also

Finding Real-World Surfaces

- trackedRaycast:updateHandler:

Repeats a ray-cast query over time to notify you of updated surfaces in the physical environment.