Options for transitioning an AR session's current state when you change its configuration.


struct RunOptions


Creating Run Options

init(rawValue: UInt)

Creates a run options.

Run Options

static var resetTracking: ARSession.RunOptions

An option to reset the device's position from the session's previous run.

static var removeExistingAnchors: ARSession.RunOptions

An option to remove any anchor objects associated with the session's previous run.

static var stopTrackedRaycasts: ARSession.RunOptions

An option to stop all active tracked raycasts.


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Configuring and Running a Session

func run(ARConfiguration, options: ARSession.RunOptions)

Starts AR processing for the session with the specified configuration and options.

var identifier: UUID

A unique identifier of the running session.

var configuration: ARConfiguration?

An object that defines motion and scene tracking behaviors for the session.

func pause()

Pauses processing in the session.