The hierarchy of joints and their names.


class ARSkeletonDefinition : NSObject


A skeleton definition enables you to understand the relationship of joints that make up a 3D or 2D body's skeleton, where joints connect to other joints to compose a single skeleton in a parent-child hierarchy. Use parentIndices to identify the hierarchy for a given skeleton definition.

A skeleton definition determines which joints have names, by providing you with the jointNames property and the index(forJointName:) function.


Locating in the Physical Environment

var neutralBodySkeleton3D: ARSkeleton3D?

The 3D skeleton in neutral pose.

class var defaultBody3D: ARSkeletonDefinition

The default skeleton definition for bodies defined in 3D.

Locating in Screen Space

class var defaultBody2D: ARSkeletonDefinition

The default skeleton definition for bodies defined in 2D.

Getting Joint Information

var jointNames: [String]

A collection of unique joint names.

func index(for: ARSkeleton.JointName) -> Int

Returns the index for a given joint identifier.

var parentIndices: [Int]

The parent index for each joint.

Instance Properties


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Getting Joint Information

var definition: ARSkeletonDefinition

The particular configuration of joints that define a body's current state.

func isJointTracked(Int) -> Bool

Tells you whether ARKit tracks a joint at a particular index.

struct ARSkeleton.JointName

A name identifier for a joint.


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