A real-world object in a scene for which ARKit tracks changes to position and orientation.


This protocol is adopted by ARKit classes, such as the ARFaceAnchor class, that represent moving objects in a scene.

ARKit automatically manages representations of such objects in an active AR session, ensuring that changes in the real-world object's position and orientation (the transform property for anchors) are reflected in corresponding ARKit objects. The isTracked property indicates whether the current transform is valid with respect to movement of the real-world object.


Monitoring Tracking State

var isTracked: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the object’s transform is valid.



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Real-World Objects and Positions

class ARHitTestResult

Information about a real-world surface found by examining a point in the device camera view of an AR session.

class ARAnchor

A real-world position and orientation that can be used for placing objects in an AR scene.