Instance Property


The maximum number of detection images to simultaneously track movement for.


var maximumNumberOfTrackedImages: Int { get set }


Adding images to the detectionImages set enables image detection, which reports the position and orientation of an image when ARKit first finds it in the camera view and provides only infrequent updates thereafter.

Setting this property to a value greater than zero (the default) enables image tracking, which continuously follows detected images even when the real objects they're attached to move within the world. If more than the maximum is visible, only the images already being tracked will continue to track until tracking is lost or another image is removed.

A world-tracking session with image tracking enabled can simultaneously track only a small number of images. You can track more images with ARImageTrackingConfiguration.

See Also

Enabling Image Detection and Tracking

var detectionImages: Set<ARReferenceImage>!

A set of images for ARKit to attempt to detect in the user's environment.