Instance Property


A flag that instructs ARKit to estimate and set the scale of a detected or tracked image on your behalf.


var automaticImageScaleEstimationEnabled: Bool { get set }


If set to true, ARKit uses its knowledge of the world to set an image anchor's estimatedScaleFactor property, which corrects the image anchor's position in the physical environment.

Enable this property when you want to detect different sized versions of a reference image. ARKit must know the physical size of an image in the real world to accurately estimate its real-world position. You enable this property to tell ARKit to estimate a recognized image's physical size before it calculates the real-world position.

See Also

Detecting or Tracking Images

var detectionImages: Set<ARReferenceImage>!

A set of images that ARKit attempts to detect in the user's environment.

var maximumNumberOfTrackedImages: Int

The maximum number of detection images for which to simultaneously track movement.