Instance Property


A flag that instructs ARKit to create environment textures in HDR format.


var wantsHDREnvironmentTextures: Bool { get set }


The default value is true. If your renderer supports HDR environment textures, this feature effects more realistic reflections.

Screenshot showing low and high dynamic range environment textures in a side by side comparison.

RealityKit and SceneKit both support HDR environment textures. For more information, see Adding Realistic Reflections to an AR Experience.

See Also

Creating Realistic Reflections

var environmentTexturing: ARWorldTrackingConfiguration.EnvironmentTexturing

The behavior ARKit uses for generating environment textures.

enum ARWorldTrackingConfiguration.EnvironmentTexturing

Options for generating environment textures in a world-tracking AR session.

class AREnvironmentProbeAnchor

An object that provides environmental lighting information for a specific area of space in a world-tracking AR session.

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