Instance Property


A flag that instructs ARKit to create environment textures in HDR format.


@property(nonatomic, assign) BOOL wantsHDREnvironmentTextures;


If you set environmentTexturing to .automatic in iOS 12 or later, ARKit gives you environment textures you cast on your app's virtual content to create realistic reflections. By default, wantsHDREnvironmentTextures is set to YES. When your renderer supports HDR environment textures in iOS 13, it enables your lighting engine to output more colors, with a more realistic result.

Screenshot showing low and high dynamic range environment textures in a side by side comparison.

Both ARView and ARSCNView support HDR environment textures. For more information, see Adding Realistic Reflections to an AR Experience.

For a Metal app that doesn't yet support HDR environment textures, you can use the following code to receive LDR environment textures until you're ready to update your renderer for HDR.

if #available(iOS 13, *) { 
    configuration.wantsHDREnvironmentTextures = false

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