Enumeration Case


ARKit generates environment textures only for probe anchors you explicitly add to the session.


case manual = 1


When you use this environmentTexturing option, you must manually choose when and where to generate environment map textures:

  1. Create an AREnvironmentProbeAnchor object with a transform indicating its position in the scene.

  2. Add the probe anchor to the session with the add(anchor:) method.

If you display AR content using ARSCNView, SceneKit automatically retrieves texture maps from probe anchors and uses them to light the scene. Otherwise, use a delegate method such as session(_:didUpdate:) to find out when the probe anchor's texture has been updated and access the environmentTexture property.

See Also

Environment Texture Options

case none

ARKit does not generate environment map textures.

case automatic

ARKit automatically determines when and where to generate environment textures.