Sample Code

Capturing Body Motion in 3D

Track a person in the physical environment and visualize their motion by applying the same body movements to a virtual character.



See Also


Occluding Virtual Content with People

Cover your app’s virtual content with people that ARKit perceives in the camera feed.

Rigging a Model for Motion Capture

Configure custom 3D models so ARKit’s human body-tracking feature can control them.

Validating a Model for Motion Capture

Verify that your character model matches ARKit’s Motion Capture requirements.

class ARBodyTrackingConfiguration

A configuration you use to track a person's motion in 3D space.

class ARBodyAnchor

An object that tracks the movement in 3D space of a body that ARKit recognizes in the camera feed.

class ARBody2D

The screen-space representation of a person ARKit recognizes in the camera feed.