Ray-Casting and Hit-Testing

Find 3D positions on real-world surfaces given a screen point.


Ray-casting is the preferred method for finding positions on surfaces in the real-world environment, but the hit-testing functions remain present for compatibility. With tracked ray-casting, ARKit continues to refine the results to increase the position accuracy of virtual content you place with a ray-cast.

For an example of tracked ray-casting, see Placing Objects and Handling 3D Interaction.



class ARRaycastQuery

A mathematical ray you use to find 3D positions on real-world surfaces.

class ARTrackedRaycast

A ray-cast query that ARKit repeats in succession to give you refined results over time.

class ARRaycastResult

Information about a real-world surface found by examining a point on the screen.



class ARHitTestResult

Information about a real-world surface found by examining a point on the screen.

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