An ALAsset object represents a photo or a video managed by the Photo application.


@interface ALAsset : NSObject


Assets can have multiple representations, for example a photo which was captured in RAW and JPG. Different representations of the same asset may have different dimensions.


Asset Properties

- valueForProperty:

Returns the value for a given property.


Indicates whether the asset is editable.


The original version of the asset.

Accessing Representations

- defaultRepresentation

Returns an asset representation object for the default representation.

- representationForUTI:

Returns an asset representation object for a given representation UTI.

- thumbnail

Returns a thumbnail representation of the asset.

- aspectRatioThumbnail

Returns an aspect ratio thumbnail of the asset.

Setting New Image and Video Data

- setImageData:metadata:completionBlock:

Replaces the image data in the receiver with given image data

- setVideoAtPath:completionBlock:

Replaces the video data in receiver with the video at a given URL.

Saving to the Saved Photos Album

- writeModifiedVideoAtPathToSavedPhotosAlbum:completionBlock:

Saves the video at a specified path to the Saved Photos album.


Property Keys

Constants for the keys for the properties you can get from an asset.

Invalid Property Value

A constant to indicate that a property accessed by valueForProperty: is invalid.

Asset Types

Constants that specify the type of an asset.


Inherits From