An ALAssetRepresentation object encapsulates one of the representations of a given ALAsset object.


@interface ALAssetRepresentation : NSObject


A given asset in the library may have more than one representation. For example, if a camera provides RAW and JPEG versions of an image, the resulting asset will have two representations—one for the RAW file and one for the JPEG file.


Getting Image Representations

- CGImageWithOptions:

Returns a full resolution CGImage of the representation.

- fullResolutionImage

Returns a CGImage representation of the asset.

- fullScreenImage

Returns a CGImage of the representation that is appropriate for displaying full screen.

Getting Image Attributes

- orientation

Returns the representation’s orientation.

- scale

Returns the representation’s scale.

- dimensions

Returns the representation’s dimensions.

- filename

Returns a string representing the filename of the representation on disk.

Getting Raw Data

- size

Returns the size in bytes of the file for the representation.

- getBytes:fromOffset:length:error:

Copies a specified range of bytes into a given buffer.

Getting Metadata


Returns the representation's UTI.

- metadata

Returns a dictionary of dictionaries of metadata for the representation.

Getting an URL

- url

Returns a persistent URL uniquely identifying the representation.


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