Enumeration Case


Allows recording (input) and playback (output) of audio, such as for a VOIP (voice over IP) app.


kAudioSessionCategory_PlayAndRecord = 'plar'


Your audio continues with the Silent switch set to silent and with the screen locked. (The switch is called the Ring/Silent switch on iPhone.)

This category is appropriate for simultaneous recording and playback, and also for apps that record and play back but not simultaneously. If you want to ensure that sounds such as Messages alerts do not play while your app is recording, use the kAudioSessionCategory_RecordAudio category instead.

This category normally prevents audio from other apps from mixing with your app's audio. To allow mixing when using this category, use the kAudioSessionProperty_OverrideCategoryMixWithOthers property.

This category is equivalent to the AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord category provided in the AVFoundation framework.