Instance Method


Adds a block to be called on each render cycle.


- (NSInteger)tokenByAddingRenderObserver:(AURenderObserver)observer;



The block to call.

Return Value

A token to be used when removing the observer.


The supplied block is called at the beginning and ending of each render cycle. It should not make any blocking calls.

This method is implemented in the AUAudioUnit base class and should not be overridden.

This version 3 method is bridged to the version 2 AudioUnitAddRenderNotify API.

See Also

Managing the Render Cycle


The block that hosts use to ask the audio unit to render audio.


The block that hosts use to schedule parameters.


The maximum number of frames that the audio unit can render at once.

- removeRenderObserver:

Removes an observer block previously added to the render cycle.

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