Instance Property


Communicates to an audio unit that it is rendering offline.


var isRenderingOffline: Bool { get set }


A host should use this property when using an audio unit in a context where there are no realtime deadlines. An audio unit may respond by using a more expensive signal processing algorithm, or allowing itself to block at render time if data being generated on secondary work threads is not ready in time.

This version 3 property is bridged to the version 2 kAudioUnitProperty_OfflineRender API.

See Also

Optimizing Performance

var latency: TimeInterval

The audio unit’s processing latency, in seconds.

var tailTime: TimeInterval

The audio unit’s tail time, in seconds.

var renderQuality: Int

Provides a trade-off between rendering quality and CPU load.

var shouldBypassEffect: Bool

Determines whether an effect should route input directly to output, without any processing.

var canProcessInPlace: Bool

Determines whether an audio unit can process in place.