Instance Method


Sets the Boolean value of the renderResourcesAllocated property.


func setRenderResourcesAllocated(_ flag: Bool)



A Boolean value that determines whether the audio unit has allocated its required rendering resources..


In the base class implementation of the allocateRenderResources() method, the value of the renderResourcesAllocated property is set to true. If the allocateRenderResources() method fails in a subclass, you must use this method to set the value of the renderResourcesAllocated property to false.

See Also

Audio Unit Implementations

var internalRenderBlock: AUInternalRenderBlock

The block which you must provide, via a getter, in order to implement rendering.

class func registerSubclass(AnyClass, as: AudioComponentDescription, name: String, version: UInt32)

Registers an audio unit component implemented as an AUAudioUnit subclass.

func shouldChange(to: AVAudioFormat, for: AUAudioUnitBus) -> Bool

This is called when you set the format on a bus.

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