Instance Property


Determines whether the bus is active.


var isEnabled: Bool { get set }


Hosts must enable input busses before using them. This allows an audio unit to be prepared to render a large number of inputs, but avoid the work of preparing to pull inputs which are not in use.

This version 3 property is bridged to the version 2 kAudioUnitProperty_MakeConnection and kAudioUnitProperty_SetRenderCallback APIs.

See Also

Bus Methods and Properties

func setFormat(AVAudioFormat)

Sets the bus’s audio format.

var format: AVAudioFormat

The audio format and channel layout of audio being transferred on the bus.

var name: String?

A name for the bus.

var index: Int

The index of this bus in its containing array.

var ownerAudioUnit: AUAudioUnit

The audio unit that owns the bus.

var supportedChannelLayoutTags: [NSNumber]?

An array of audio channel layout tags.

var contextPresentationLatency: TimeInterval

Information about latency in the audio unit’s processing context.

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